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Patrick Hemer im Interview

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Written by . Posted in Band P- on 20 November 2012.
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Progressive Power Metal


Thank you very for giving us the possibility for an interview! How would you describe the uniqueness of your band and music, especially for the people who do not know you?

I’d say that my music is both very powerful and melodic at the same time. I’m trying to show that you can be musical without getting soft or pompous and that you can be powerful without having to refuse any kind of finesse.

When have you founded the band?

In so far as we’re not talking about a band but about a solo project,  it wasn’t actually “founded” and it would be impossible to give a precise date. The decision to go solo was more the result of an evolution process after I left Horizon. When I left Horizon, I first took some time away from the Metal business and from most of the Metal musicians I knew by then. I really needed that. Then, after this extremely refreshing break, I started to feel  the need to put together a new  Metal band.

So I started looking for bandmates, and that’s when the idea of making it a solo project started to develop, because I had had the time during my break to write material and get a clear, precise idea of how I wanted things to be, so when I began working with guys who, after a short period of time, started trying to take over, to change the music or drag the band in a direction I didn’t really like, well, I started to freak out because I didn’t want to live again what I had lived with Horizon. Once bitten twice shy…so that’s when I decided it would be simpler to start a solo project rather than wait until the day I find the perfect bandmates.

Do you have any idols?

Idols would probably not be the proper word but there’s a  lot of musicians I admire, respect a lot, and always love to listen to. To name a few in no specific order I could cite Cacophony, Judas Priest, Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Symphony X, Dio, The Beatles, Ritchie Blackmore and Devin Townsend, for example.

Where do you get the inspiration for the songs and how much time do you spend on average for the music practices?

There’s definitely no set formula to write songs. It can start from a guitar riff or from a melody line, from a groove or even sometimes from a few words. It really can be anything. As far as instrument practice goes, the average may be around 2 hours a day when I’m home but I may still practice 6/8 hours a day if I’m into some important recording or getting prepared for a show. And, the sheer instrument practice time doesn’t include, composing, writing, arranging and so on, not to mention teaching, so I guess I must be into music at least 8 or 10 hours a day. 

What can you tell us concerning your success? Do you have some special things you are very proud of?

I’m not sure you could call this pride but I consider I’m very fortunate to be able to play my own music and make a living from what I love the most. Then, success is a very subjective notion, I mean, for example, records sales figures that would have been considered low, if not a failure, 10 years back are considered a success today. It’s also subjective carreer-wise, one will prefer to play big venues with a famous band even if he has to play note for note parts he doesn’t like that much and has to stand an ill-tempered band leader, while someone else will prefer to do his own thing before anything else. That’s why More Than Meets  The Eye is a real success to me since I was, from the very start, totally aware of what a solo album from a Metal guitarist could do, and the way it turned out allows me to work on a follow-up with a lot of confidence.

How do you earn your own living?

I’m a musician and I make a living from music. Music can only be a full time occupation if you want to make it the best you can. Else, you’re just a clerk who plays music or a mechanic who plays in a band.

To which genres of music, artists, bands do you listen in your free time?

Apart from the artists mentioned before, I listen to a lot of Metal, of course, but I also listen to a lot of Blues, and to Pop and Classical music.

Are you in love with somebody, engaged or married?

In a relationship and I have a 3-year old kid.

Do you have somebody, an idol, you want to meet any time?

The people I’d like the most to have a talk with are all dead, so I think I should get into spiritualism.

Tell us what scares you?

There’s not really anything that could scare me as long as my family is well and safe.

What was the last thing that made you laugh?

Just watched the news and couldn’t help laughing about the Lance Armstrong case. It’s so ridiculous to see all these hypocrites so embarrassed now that they can’t deny anymore something they always knew but didn’t want to see.

What gets you angry?

Liars, cheaters and the way media and governments seem to take us for fools more and more every day.

How are the next plans?

I just started writing for my upcoming album but I have no idea yet of how long it will take.

When and where are your next gigs?

No gigs planned for the moment. Promotion for More Than Meets The Eye is over and now I must focus on new songs, so I think I will only be doing guitar clinics or playing with a side project as long as my new material is not recorded.

Which YouTube Video from you can you recommend us?

The album trailer can give a good idea of what it’s all about, else you can check out the instrumental ballad, and Terra Incognita, that I really love.

Is there anything you want to tell our listeners / readers?

It was a pleasure to do this interview and feel free to leave me messages on my official website www.patrickhemer.com or on my new Facebook page. Cheers.

Thank you very much!

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