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Written by . Posted in Band P- on 16 Februar 2013.
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Psilocybe Larvae - Saint-Petersburg, RussiaManic-Depressive-Metal from Russia

Thank you very for giving us the possibility for an interview!

Thank you for your interest in Psilocybe Larvae and for giving an opportunity to introduce our

band to your readers and listeners!

 How would you describe the uniqueness of your band and music, especially for

the people who do not know you?

It’s hard to place our band into any specific genre. It’s very atmospheric and diverse music including elements of doom, death, dark and progressive music. And I think it really makes us out from the pack. If you like the hellish mix of Opeth, Katatonia, My Dying Bride, Septic Flesh, Anathema, Devin Townsend, Moonspell, Between The Buried And Me, Riverside or Emperor, you are welcome!

When have you founded the band?

The band was founded in 1996 in Russian town Vyborg (a small place near the Finnish border). It’s unbelievable but we are still rocking! Wow!

How did you find this genre of music and how did you meet each other?

I wouldn’t talk about some concrete genre. We have quite an open mind when it comes to music. We love to play music and it is a big part of who we are. Having gone through a lot of line-up changes during band existence I’m the only one person who remained from the beginning. It’s been a lot of meetings and farewells, especially in the past. I met my current drummer and guitarist in my hometown Vyborg while they were playing in other local bands. It was a great time and we had a lot of fun. But after a while we had a problem with our former bassist because of his alcoholic and drugs dependence and the group was forced to part ways with him. At the same time the keyboardist was kicked out as well. The situation was going from bad to worse and the band has relocated in Saint-Petersburg where we got our new bassist and keyboardist. So now we are strong and ready to rock the world! ))))

The name “Psilocybe Larvae” – could you tell us the background of this name?

Our band name was taken from Tiamat’s song “Whatever That Hurts". I don’t know what Mr. Edlund really had in his mind but I prefer to stick to the following meaning: “larvae” – evil spirits created by a possessed man, they live in his mind and feed on his life energy, phobias and pain. Hence is “psilocybe”, this is an invisible energy form, virtual vampires.  In  Romanian  mythology  “larvae”  called  like  “lemurs”  –  spirits  of  suicides  and innocently murdered that torment and terrify the living. As you see the name is so weird like our music but they match each other very well

Psilocybe Larvae - Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Do you have any idols?

Yeah, Billy Idol! ha-ha ))))) We have no idols, but there are many great bands and musicians in all genres we are looking up to.  From Dead Can Dance to Slayer! The main goal for us is to believe in ourselves and go our own way. Where do you get the inspiration for the songs and how much time do you spend on average for the music practices? It can be everything that surrounds me: nature, people, city lights, music, films and any emotional experience. Even extreme situations are necessary; they can catalyze a creative process. For example, some musical ideas occur in the morning after, i.e. organism is in a stress state after an alcoholic poisoning and thereby it impulses creative thoughts. At the present time I can’t say that I can practice every day. We all have our regular work, families that take up a lot of time and the music is still something that we have to deal with in our spare time. Sometimes it depends on your mood as well, he-he ))

What can you tell us concerning your success? Do you have some special things you are very proud of?

We have been rocking since 1996 and I think it’s a great success for the underground band. We’ve got 4 cool albums and a lot of live shows and that’s pretty cool.

Do the band members spend much time together in the free time or do you prefer to spend your time separately?

It’s not so easy to spend a lot of time together being in a big city like St.Petersburg with its crazy tempo of life.  Besides, our guitarist Andrey lives in the other town, Vyborg.  So we meet each other at our gigs mostly, ha-ha ))))

How do you earn your own living?

As I told before we all have our regular jobs because it’s not possible to make money being in an underground band. Band members work in different fields of activity: energy, railroad, printing, theater and even yoga.

To which genres of music, artists, bands do you listen in your free time?

We are big fans of old school music generally. Of course, we’ve been keeping up with new and fashion trends but it’s hard to find something interesting, as a rule. Except, may be, Between The Buried And Me or The Dillinger Escape Plane. I like what Devin Townsend does now or Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree too. I prefer to crank up Pink Floyd, The Doors or early Metallica than listening to all this modern shit.

Are you in love with somebody, engaged or married???

It’s a hard question for some of our band members. You know, it’s not so easy to live together with musicians. ))) Music is a big part of our life and it’s very difficult to meet somebody who is able to take it. Ok, if you need concrete information, here you go: I’m married and have a daughter; our bassist is married too; our second guitarist is divorced but has a son; drummer and keyboardist are alone. So, if some girl is looking for cool Russian musicians feel free to get in touch! ;)

How do your families see “Psilocybe Larvae”?

They really like our music and support us. That’s pretty awesome! We are very thankful them and their support really keeps us doing what we do.

Do you have somebody, an idol, you want to meet any time?

I’d like to meet Jim Morrison or John Lennon. But unfortunately they are dead. So, may be in the next life… )))

Tell us what scares you?

I’m afraid to lose my family and the ability to play music. These are simple but understandable things to everyone, I think. But sometimes I'm afraid of myself. It seems that I’m going crazy with all this music. But there is nothing I can do. ))

What was the last thing that made you laugh?

My kid. She is 5 years old and she makes me laugh every day with her endless chatter.  ))

What gets you angry?

Politicians.  This scum smells badly. They don’t care about people lives and they behave as though the whole world belongs to them.

How are the plans about “Psilocybe Larvae”??

To play gigs and expose our music world wide. As long as we're happy making music and playing then I think we will continue. This is our main goal.

When and where are your new gigs?

We are gearing up for our “Penumbra Divisus Tour” 2013 which includes 6 shows in Belarus. The tour will follow in February and we're anxious to get on the road with our friends from Deathbringer.

Which „YouTube Video“ from “Psilocybe Larvae” can you recommend us?

It’s our latest live video for the track "Shining Shambhala" filmed at "Melnā Piektdiena" club in Riga. The song is the lead cut on our new album “The Labyrinth Of Penumbra” and I think it shows our live skill very well. You can watch it here:

Is there anything you want to tell our listeners / readers?

There's so much musical diversity onstage now. So, I’d very glad if you take the time to check out Psilocybe Larvae. Who knows maybe it’s something you are looking for.

Thank you for paying attention to our band and don’t forget to visit our webs:

- http://psilocybe-larvae.com

- http://www.facebook.com/psilocybelarvae

Thank you very much!

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